Biotech Energy Services provide engineered solutions to AD owners and operators to enhance and maximise existing systems. We employ a combination of mechanical, electrical and biochemical improvements along with skilled testing & analysis to boost efficiency and increase return on investment. Located in the Science Centre of The Heath Business & Technical Park in Runcorn, we are supported by Privilege Project Finance and are able to offer skills and experience in optimisation, consultancy and design services for waste to energy AD plants and systems, including:

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AD Specialists

We offer an extensive laboratory and engineering service to AD managers.  With the combined skills of mechanical & electrical design resources, and fully trained Laboratory staff we provide experience and practical advice to our clients to improve the running of their AD system and, ultimately, their return on investment.
Having gained over 20 years experience working with AD plants throughout the UK and internationally, we provide solutions to many operational issues while increasing yield and output.  This journey of experience led us to appreciate the interaction between microbial environment, mechanical process and maximised biogas yield.  As a result we focused our resources on developing this knowledge within our team.

We offer services including:

  • Engineering innovation & enhancements
  • Biochemical analysis & reporting
  • Diversification & value add by-products

Our mechanical and electrical design team will work to understand the challenges of your existing system. Our laboratory team are then engaged to analyse the efficiency of your current AD process. We provide a full analytical report showing laboratory and engineering analysis along with a prioritised list of appropriate options to gain improvements to your operation.  We also include potential costs, if applicable, and indicative timescales for benefit realisation.

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Project Solutions

Our mechanical and electrical design teams offer full turnkey project solutions and innovative plant improvements. We can project manage from design stages through supplier selection, permitting and build stages to deliver a comprehensive consultancy service to help you get the best from your AD system.
With access to mechanical and electrical design teams, along with accredited Laboratory analysts, we can provide innovative, tailored design options.

  • Full turnkey project solutions
  • Innovative plant improvements
  • Generation of mechanical and electrical designs
  • Guidance on planning applications and submissions
  • Assistance with permitting and legislative applications (APHA, EA, SEPA and NRW)
  • Support with OFGEM Feed-in-tariff (FIT) and Renewable heat incentive (RHI) applications
  • Remote system monitoring capabilities
  • Service and maintenance provision
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System Optimisation

Using expert analytical techniques we examine the activity within your AD tanks and help you to understand the effectiveness of your system design, flow and residency.
Analytical results are presented as a full report on your system efficiencies and provide an action plan on how best to optimise your system.
We work with the pre-treatment, mesophilic and thermophilic conditions within your digester and make appropriate recommendations for:

  • The addition or adjustment of enzymes
  • Adjustments to dilution ratios
  • Temperature variations throughout the system
  • Pre-treatment maceration
  • Pre-treatment sterilisation units
  • If you are experiencing problems with your existing AD system we will work to understand the situation, solve root cause issues, recover a steady state production rate and finally introduce improvements.
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Design Service

  • We listen to customers, to provide a solution to their specific waste challenges, and offer a design service which considers environmental impact, waste-to-energy efficiency, and the best commercial outcome for your business
  • Our In house design Engineers have a wealth of expertise from the Construction, CHP, Power Generation, Gas and M&E sectors.
  • Our Biotech laboratory team,which has a growing reputation within the food and waste sector, supports our design process to fully optimise biogas generation and create cost-effective AD plant designs for the processing of waste into energy.
  • Safety is a priority and AD plant design is fully compliant with waste and energy production regulations
  • Plant loading systems are versatile and we can deal with waste arriving in a wide variety of forms, from liquids to solids, and accepting packaged waste.
  • Our systems are designed to have low operational cost and to use generated energy as efficiently as possible
  • The output waste material, or digestate, provides a nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser providing additional commercial benefits via agriculture
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Ongoing AD System Support

We operate AD facilities with availability and safety as a priority, to ensure they are available when waste is delivered and that throughput is as efficient as possible.  With a team of resources available we provide specialist equipment support, spares, and software to monitor performance.

Annual maintenance contracts include:

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Preventative upkeep and reactive repairs
  • A specialist analytical service provided by our partner company Biotech Lab Services Ltd
  • Microbial and wet chemistry analysis
  • Consultancy on the interpretation of lab results
  • Action plans to improve gas yields
  • System optimisation consultancy


Sample testing

Laboratory Testing And Analysis

We offer a consultative laboratory service resourced by a team of degree qualified technicians who will sample and analyse your waste and digestate. We will then walk you through the results of this investigation and provide a full analytical report.
We have the latest high specification laboratory equipment within our UKAS pending laboratories. Our technicians can visit your site if required or we can arrange for collection and transportation to our Cheshire based laboratories. Analytical services can be performed on an ad-hoc or annual basis and include a specialist analytical testing service of waste, digestate and effluent with onsite sampling or courier collection.

Analysis includes:

  • Gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis
  • Ion chromatography
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometry
  • TOC analysis
  • Automated biochemical methane potential testing
  • Wide range of microbiology techniques
  • A range of wet chemistry analysis

Our laboratory team work regularly with a network of UK and international scientific partners and academic institutions.

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Added Value

We work with our clients to analyse, record, and validate consistent outputs and enable technical and biological improvements to AD systems to maximise:

    • System output
    • Financial income
    • System diversification
    • Value added by-products

As a partner of Privilege Project Finance we support clients to facilitate consistent performance and improve financial returns.