About us

Biotech Energy Services and Biotech Lab Services are unique in providing a comprehensive and fully integrated laboratory and engineering service to AD owners and operators.
We have in-depth experience of AD plants and provide our clients with knowledge, understanding and process improvements to maximise their return on investment. Within Biotech Energy we have over 20 years experience working with AD plants throughout the UK and internationally.

We offer services including:

  • Engineering innovation & enhancements
  • Bio-chemical analysis & reporting
  • Diversification & value add by-products

Our mechanical and electrical design team will work to understand the challenges of your existing system. Our laboratory team are then engaged to analyse the efficiency of your AD process.
We provide you with a full analytical report showing laboratory and engineering analysis. This includes a prioritised list of appropriate options to gain improvements to your operation, and will help you to understand the degree of benefit that could be gained by implementing these recommendations.

Measure and Track

Through on-site or remote monitoring systems we help you to understand, quantify and record your current AD operation; giving you visibility of your operational efficiency levels.

Health Check and Optimisation

Our Biotech Lab service enables testing using state of the art laboratory equipment and resources; located in Runcorn, Cheshire. Our scientific staff can perform site visits to sample and analyse according to your needs.

Process Improvements

Through comprehensive design analysis and innovative engineering we highlight process improvements specific for your operation. We have vast experience of pre-treatment facilities, mixing techniques, thermal controls, dilution mechanisms or bio-chemical additions. Recommendations will be specific to your environment, facility and waste materials.